Life’s been pretty busy with the return to school and work after the summer holidays.
As the weather is also getting colder it’s time to have some different dinners again.

Therefore I was very happy to take part in the Britmums #Healthyredmeatchallenge.

Red meat is a great source of iron, b vitamins, zinc, selenium and potassium. All are needed as part of a balanced diet but can often be low in both toddlers and children’s diets.

As a busy Mum I am always conscious of finding ways to get a variety of foods including vegetables into any meals in a variety of ways.

Tonight we had soft tortillas with Beef mince.

This is a quick and easy meal to make and can easily accommodate lots of ingredients.

To the mince we added~onions,garlic,peppers,mushrooms, sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes. My daughter helped me with both the chopping and the stirring. When it was thoroughly cooked I served it in a large casserole dish with soft tortillas that the children could serve themselves and fill.

Being able to serve themselves is always a hit as the children can choose the amount they want to have and in doing so usually come back for seconds or indeed thirds!!
We had empty plates all round and the overall verdict was ‘it was great,when can we have it again Mum?!’

I make that a win win dinner!

Healthy and enjoyed by everyone old and young. Who could ask for more.❤️x

This post is an entry for the Britmums #Healthyredmeatchallenge sponsored by the Meat Advisory Panel.


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