After a very busy and If I’m completely honest stressful week, I found myself child free and asleep on the sofa by 9pm on Friday night,to be fair having wine in the hot tub probably helped that along!

The sleep was very much needed though and yesterday saw a pretty long journey which resulted in a change of car. This is a very welcome change as my previous one would drink petrol like there was no tomorrow and the fuel gauge would start moving as soon as the engine started!

Another bonus means that when we are all together we can now go out and about in one car rather than having to factor two car loads into every journey.

Now all this sounds great but of course in this crazy household nothing ever seems to run smooth so after a quick solo trip in the car, including a trip to Asda I was feeling pretty confident.

This was until I found myself unable to remove the handbrake.So there I was sat on my own driveway unable to do anything or go anywhere!!

After a quick phone call and a few deep breaths I restarted the engine and thankfully managed to remove said handbrake and carry on my journey. I am fully aware of my next door neighbour looking out of the window no doubt wondering what on earth I was doing~although we’ve been neighbours for 4yrs now so surely nothing would surprise him?! 

This morning the sun is shining and I am looking forward to having a good family catch up for my big brothers big birthday~60 today (I’m sure he will thank me for sharing that with the world).

It’s also my beautiful nieces birthday today she is of course some what younger he he.

On that note I should really get up and get organised, although there’s still a few hours left to stress about my outfit I may as well get started on the process!!

Happy Sunday everyone.             Much love.❤️x 


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