Manic Monday 

Today has been like most Mondays it started off pretty standard really.

I was running late and when I finally dragged myself out of bed, my hair was ridiculously crazy even by my standards and the thought of going to the car to collect my straighteners which were of course in the boot of the car was proving too much!! 

After the afternoons school run I was rushing around here, there and everywhere and just about managed to throw some dinner down the kids throats before heading off out to my all time favourite activity of the week~swimming lessons. Where I get to spend the now extended time of an hour sitting in what is for all intents and purpose a sauna.

A sauna I might add that you have to sit in fully clothed~although let’s be honest that’s probably a blessing in disguise for everyone!

Tonight’s hour went by reasonably fast as I was trying to sort out a problem with my phone. 

That sorted I then attempted to turn off the child locks in the new car. As much as it’s tempting to leave them on my two obviously don’t need them now.

This should of been a simple job but it is was dark and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. 

After the first attempt I managed to step back into a large, deep puddle and absolutely soak my foot, I then attempted the other door thinking it might be easier to get to but no it wasn’t and I lost my balance and fell backwards laying momentarily on my back like an upturned turtle (thank goodness it was dark!)

Deciding to leave it I went home and googled how to do it, thinking I had cracked it I went back outside and had a final go. So convinced was I that I had done it, I got into the car only to realise I then couldn’t let myself out!! Fortunately I was able to open the window and open the door from the outside!!!

So there you have it just another crazy day. That’s Mondays fun and games over, now to get organised and ready to watch my favourite programme ever~First Dates.

Happy Monday.❤️x


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