Today is my day off and it’s always a very early start due to the kids being dropped home super early

So it’s no surprise that everyone in the house is usually tired.

This morning when they arrived home I was Just finishing watching a programme, heaven forbid I not only sat down for more than 5mins but I also had control of the remote~whatever next!!

I’ll tell you what next~trousers needed ironing, lunches needed making and hot cross buns had been requested. I might just add that all these things were going to be done as we had loads of time but still!

Everyone was wanting something and as I got up and walked/stormed into the kitchen muttering about all the things I was doing for them this morning that never get appreciated.

I continued my rant most likely to myself because I’m fairly sure no one was even listening!

My main complaint was that I do lots of things and never get appreciated for it but the second i sit and take 5 minutes you would think the world was about to grind to a halt.

Whilst buttering bread and chucking things into lunch boxes,the muttering continued.

I went upstairs to iron the trousers and to call out a reminder of the time and my boy (11yrs) said to me ‘Mummy you have a hard time sometimes doing things all by yourself’

I then felt the guilt kick in~so my morning became a turmoil of grumpiness and guilt all before 9am.

I don’t have a hard time far from it,I’m lucky and do appreciate life and all it’s blessings.

However sometimes all you want is 5 minutes  to drink your coffee and catch up on one programme that isn’t child related~not too much to ask surely.

Later as I watched my boy walk off down the road to school~he turned and waved back at me and made my heart melt. These kids are growing up far too fast for my liking, they might drive me crackers at times and make me feel like a grumpy unpaid servant/referee (the list could be endless!) but I love them with all my heart, our family life may be crazy but that’s how we like it and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.❤️x


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