Time marches on 

It’s been a funny old week with very mixed emotions on lots of levels.

I am so happy that my two are happy and settled back into school life after the summer break, but also a little sad to watch them grow so much independence and start to do more without me.

Obviously this is what I want for them to be happy and to thrive in everything they do in life, I guess there’s always going to be that little part of me that watches my babies leave the house by themselves for the first walk to school etc and can’t believe this is all happening it seems so sudden. It’s not sudden though, time has that crafty little way of creeping up on you when your not looking and then says hey guess what? It’s time for more little changes in life. It’s only when you look back that you realise that actually these are big changes.

Changes we need to embrace and encourage. Time stands still for no one, and it moves along with or without our blessing.

On a positive note~today is Friday which meant chocolate Friday was totally back on and it’s also a good excuse to open the bubbly I’ve been given this week too.

There have been giggles as well as tears particularly when my son forgot to text me to notify me of his arrival to school but did feel the need to phone me and let me know he was two mins away from home at the end of the day!

So as ever I’m dealing with the week with a smile on my face and am looking forward to the weekend.❤️x


My boy 

Today my youngest starts high school even as I say it and look at it in black and white I can’t believe it.

Where on earth does the time go?!

When they are tiny the days and nights seem endless with lack of sleep and teething and so on.

Life soon gets into a routine and before you know it they are walking and talking and the milestones keep on coming.

With each milestone reached you find yourself saying’ how did that happen so quickly, they are growing up so fast’.

It’s so true~11 years ago my boy was a tiny little baby and yet in the blink of an eye he’s got his smart uniform ready for a big adventure and chapter in his school life.

With each process of this journey from starting pre~school to first and then middle schools, I have felt nervous and excited and today is no exception. I even found myself saying to my own Mum ‘he will be fine, won’t he?!’

I know he will be fine and he will have a great day, and that he will come home with lots of things to tell me, I won’t lie until I’ve seen him and heard all about it, I’ll be thinking about him hoping his day is going well.

My parents always tell me you never stop worrying about your kids and I know that’s true by the way they still do anything for us kids and we are all in our forties!!

So as I prepare to drop him off later I’ll have a big smile on my face as I wave him off, and a big packet of tissues to wipe away the inevitable tears once I am out of sight! ❤️x

Dreams can come true 

Sometimes I wake up and jump out of bed eagerly awaiting my day to start~ha ha who am I kidding?! That never happens and today is no exception!

If I said I’m rocking the sleep deprived look that would be an understatement, I’m so tired even putting the kettle on seems like a chore.

Still I am awake and have lots to look forward today.It’s nice to look ahead and see good times are coming.

Life is busy, it’s hard no one ever said it was going to be easy but if we can find something good to focus on we can get through the hard days and look forwards.

That said I’m rubbish at organising myself on a daily basis let alone any further ahead but I can see the benefit. We all have choices to make and things that we as individuals want to do. 
As individuals we all have different ideas and choices that we make both on a daily basis and in the times ahead of us. No two people are the same and not everyone will agree with the choices we make. 

Surely though as we navigate our way through life, the people around us who love and care for us will support those choices and help us to achieve our dreams.

Speaking of dreams (or lack of in my case). I feel very touched that the interest in my blog seems to be growing daily.

How lovely that people far and wide are reading what I have to say.Things are so different now from when I started Crazy little thing called love. 

Likewise life was so different then in many ways and it’s that  which prompted me to start my blog in the first place

Looking back is good for memories and of course good times, but in order to move forward~the future is the place to focus on.

As the saying goes ‘don’t look back your not going that way’.I don’t always achieve it but I try to look ahead with a smile on my face.

Today will be sponsored by my favourite things~coffee and yet more coffee. With some fun with my favourite people thrown in.❤️x

You know me….

Everyone is different that’s what makes us unique and well quite simply us!

We all having funny little habits and sometimes we don’t notice them.I’ve noticed a few lately and it’s made me laugh so I thought I would share them.

1.Pulling funny faces when attempting to have a serious conversation~I just can’t help it, I tend to use humour to deal with things, but it’s become apparent even at my age, having a grown up conversation can lead to some interesting expressions!

2.Standing with my legs apart when taking photographs. I only noticed this whilst in Dublin and I’ve no idea why I do it, but everytime I was preparing to take a photo my feet were apart and I assumed a slightly odd stance.

3.I always and I mean always tilt my head to one side when I have my picture taken. Contrary to popular believe I hate being photographed unless it’s selfies that I am in control of taking and the camera is held up very high and my head is indeed tilted (to avoid excess chins!).

4.Believing that I have bags of time to get ready and then rushing around like a headless chicken just before I am due to leave the house. This means I am usually late as when I am finally ready~I can’t locate my keys, purse or randomly enough and this has been known even my shoes!! 

5.Hiding cherry bakewells in the cupboard and eating them when the kids are in bed~very naughty and not something I do too often~but what can I say~they are my favourite!!

I’m sure that there are more things that I could add to this list, probably things that I don’t even realise I am doing. 

Happy Friday everyone, keep being unique and being you.