Day Twenty~Three ❤️

Day Twenty~Three of 40 days of happiness~finding this note on my car windscreen when I finished work.❤️x




I’m reasonably sure that just rolling out of bed would of been a sufficient look for Halloween but no I decided to try several different face paint looks none of which worked and just left me with a sore face!! 

As with most things in life~if in doubt just add glitter and hope for the best!

Happy Halloween .❤️x

Day Twenty one❤️

Last night my daughter asked me about 40 days of happiness, why I’m doing it and what happens if I can’t find anything happy to write about.
I explained that was the idea behind it~even when your having a terrible day which quite frankly today has been there will always be something happy~you may have to look a bit harder but it’s there.
Actually if I had to write this earlier I would of struggled, it’s been a hard day. However as usual once the storm passes there’s calm and now the calm is here I can reflect so here goes….

Day Twenty one of 40 days of happiness~walking hand in hand with my lovely boyfriend (who never fails to support me even in the most rubbish of times) hand in hand in the warm sunshine along the seafront.❤️x

Too much…

So today we allegedly had an extra hour in bed, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that despite that hour I was awake at 5am following yet another restless night~so the hour was no benefit at all!

All I have managed to do is single handedly annoy everyone.               This is turn has made me feel like a rubbish Mum, it’s been one of those days when it feels like there’s been too much shouting, too much arguing and not enough kind words.

I took myself off to Tesco to buy dinner and almost had another meltdown in the chocolate aisle because they had no wispas~I mean how awful is that?! Obviously  I recovered quickly and had a  kitkat instead which had to do!

I’ve come home to cook dinner and wrestle yet again with my sons curtain rail which is point blank refusing to stay in place.

Still what else can I do other than take a deep breath, tell everyone I love them and hope that tomorrow is a better day.❤️x

Autumn walks

I’ve just got home from a very long,very muddy walk and some Geocaching with two of four. It’s safe to say that I can’t wait for my two to get home from a week away with their Dad.

We saw some amazing colourful leaves and beautiful scenery,aswell as finding lots of treasure.

Autumn colours are truly the best, walking through colourful crunchy leaves always reminds me of doing so when I was a child (which seems like a whole life time away!).❤️x

Venice 2017

I’m not quite sure where to start if I’m honest, I’ve never been to Italy before and I was totally blown away by the whole experience.

It was such a peaceful, beautiful country and I would definetly love to go again.

We walked for miles and saw some breathtaking scenery, everywhere we looked there was so much to see.

From the beautiful buildings to the lovely clear waters that surrounded us, gondolas, boats, bridges to cross and lots of different sights to see.

I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise when I say that one of my favourite places we visited was a small coffee bar which smelt amazing before we even stepped in the door. Along the back wall was a long row of different coffee beans which you could buy and have ground. There was a huge coffee grinder and coffee beans sacks hanging up too. The coffee was fantastic too, we really could of spent all day in there.

The hotel we stayed in was really nice, we stayed just outside of Venice but it was easy to get to, once we had negotiated the bus service! The food was great~I am particularly jealous of the pancake maker they had and would most definetly love to have brought it home!

Speaking of food~we had some wonderful food whilst out and about, the pizza and ice cream where particularly good~although everywhere we went it all looked so good.

The time went so quick but we managed to see and do a lot of things, which included laughing and smiling the whole time! The best thing about the whole trip was who I went with, he really is such amazing company and I couldn’t of wished for more.

On the plane home I came across some of my old blog posts that I had drafted and it made me smile seeing how our personal journey is progressing from our very first date to this day now.

If time is really all we’ve got spend it wisely~choose love, be with who you want to be with, love and live well. Always keep your loved ones close, friends and family they mean so much. Go out and have fun with no regrets. Dream big and be happy.

On that soppy note I shall leave you with more photos!

Much love to you all.❤️x