#EcoverLaundry challenge.

Let’s talk about washing~let’s face if there’s always tons of it to be done and having a child with very sensitive skin I’m only too aware of how important it is to find the right products to avoid any flare ups and uncomfortable rashes from freshly washed clothing/bedding etc.

We have been testing Ecover non~bio concentrated laundry detergent from Ecover.co.uk not only does it smell lovely and beautifully fresh, the cleaning power is amazing.

It’s fantastic for the whole family, over the years I have struggled to find something that is gentle enough for my daughters skin that not only cleans effectively but smells good too. We have all loved the fragrant smell of lavender and sandalwood and I have noticed how the scent really does last.

From school uniform to grubby pe kits we have certainly put Ecover through its paces and the results have been fantastic, it has tackled mud,dirt and dinner stains with ease and left our bedding feeling soft, fragrant and gentle to the skin.

To top it all off Ecover isn’t just kind to skin it’s kind to the environment too as it is a plant based and concentrated too~giving you not only peace of mind but lots of washes too.

It has certainly got a big thumbs up from all the family.❤️x

This is an entry for #Britmums Ecoverlaundry challenge sponsored by Ecover.


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