Opposites attract.

If being unorganised was an Olympic sport I would have medals coming out of my ears.

Sadly it isn’t and instead of recognition there is only stress and chaos!

My mind is as chaotic as my life, sometimes I over think before I speak or sometimes I just open my mouth before my brain has even engaged and everything tumbles out right or wrong.

The inability to finish things without distraction isn’t a quality I possess either and I can often be found leaving things to go and do something else before I forget or simply because it’s more appealing!

Writing is one of those things that can often grab me and drag me away usually from the kitchen sink.

I find it calming to write my thoughts and note them down.

I often look around and think my life is like a whirlwind of things going round and around, I wish I could clap my hands and make these things stop dancing and spinning around me.

To put things into prospective my boyfriend and I are going away to Venice in three weeks time, and last night we were chatting on the phone and he mentioned that he was making a list of things to take, I mean while was online googling Advent Calendars for the kids!!

This is what I mean~I can’t even get myself organised for tomorrow but I’m thinking of December already!

It’s a good job opposites attract then that’s all I can say he he.❤️x


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