Weekend Happiness.

My weekend started off with a fab night out with the lovely ladies from work~not only was there wonderful company and sparking conversation the night included some very yummy ‘posh potato waffles’ and even a nibble on a dog biscuit!!(and no it wasn’t me who tried the dog biscuit hehe).
Saturday saw a trip out to buy some furniture which ended with several boxes that I was fairly sure wouldn’t fit in the car~I did indeed have to eat my words though as after lots of rearranging we finally managed to shut the car with everything including said boxes, us and the kids inside! 

Sunday morning it was decided that we should make a start on building said furniture after a few twists and turns in a tight space one wardrobe was up and ready~that really was a labour of love but thanks to good team work it’s still standing!

After all that hard work we went out and had a lovely lunch overlooking the harbour,followed by a nice walk along the seafront, stopping on the way back for coffee and hot chocolate.

So far so good~another lovely weekend. I have found myself uncharacteristically organised and had popped to the shop for a few essentials and just when I was beginning to feel smug about getting to grips with the new car I found myself unable to get it to get in reverse which then took me not one but 4 yes 4 attempts before I could get out of the parking space I was in, I just couldn’t bring myself to look at the driver next to me.Those of you who follow my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/heartskipsabeat21/may also have seen that I panicked the other day thinking it wouldn’t start ~that turned out to be the simple thing of me putting my foot on the clutch instead of the brake when attempting to start it oops!! 

Fortunately I made it home and got the ironing and lunches sorted for tomorrow~I decided that deserved a sit down and something yummy so the kids and I had some warm cookies~what a lovely way to finish off another crazy but equally lovely weekend.

 Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


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