So this morning I was getting ready to go out,running late and not sure what to wear (as usual!) I was wandering around in my underwear and finally decided on a top but it wouldn’t go with said underwear~the question was did I really have the energy to change said underwear or find a new top?!The struggle is real guys.

Having sorted the top I went downstairs to see if my favourite jeans that I had left drying on the radiator were in-fact dry, I was puzzled to find them still wet, I then realised that although I had turned up the thermostat I hadn’t even turned the heating on~ talk about Sunday morning problems.

No wonder I’m always late.       Finally we set off and went for a lovely walk and to try Geocaching for the very first time, it was good fun and something we would definitely like to go and do again.

After some fresh air we had more fun with a singing game which I must say I wasn’t too bad at, although I’m the first to admit I can’t sing to save my life,I love doing it so sorry kids Mummy will sing and try and win!

After a lovely day we came home to a blocked toilet~my kids response to me having to stick my hand down it was one of disgust~let me tell you I wasn’t too happy about it either but still a woman’s work is never done and all that.

Time for a quick dinner and some homework (the kids not mine),before realising that the important thing that I simply shouldn’t of forgot when I went to the shop earlier was toilet rolls cue me hunting through the drawers and cupboards for packets of tissues because I couldn’t face going out again!

Oh the joys~all in all though it’s been a wonderful weekend, it’s gone far too quick as usual.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


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