Sleepless night 

For reasons best known to itself my brain decided that being awake at 4am was a marvellous idea and that 3.5hrs sleep was all I needed.

Let me tell you I couldn’t disagree any more if I tried!

I have no words to describe how tired I am~coffee as ever is going to be on tap and flowing as much as humanly possible throughout the day.

I’ve tried laying in bed patiently attempting to switch off, I’ve watched eastenders and worked out my finances for the whole of November all whilst coming to the conclusion that sleep just isn’t for me. ( one look at my crazy bed hair and bags under my eyes and you may think otherwise too!).

The howling wind outside didn’t really help,that and my ability to overthink each and everything that happens in my life certainly have proved to be a winning combination.

It’s now 5.45am and if one thing is for sure it’s going to be a very long day.

On the plus side it’s Friday well not just Friday it’s chocolate Friday and I have a girls night to look forward to tonight~a good catch up with my fantastic friends is just what I need, that and copious amounts of alcohol~what more could a girl ask for?! Apart from 8hours of interrupted sleep, chocolate that doesn’t make you fat and make up that hides the fact I’ve been awake most of the night! Sadly those things don’t seem to be readily available to me at this moment in time so I’ll settle for what I’ve got.

Happy Friday everyone.❤️x


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