Last night 

Last night was great, lots of food and drink (far too much it would now seem!) singing,dancing,games and wonderful company.

Everything was great and happy, how quickly things changed when fresh air and a taxi rocked up and brought me swiftly back to reality.

I came home with a spinning head and a need for my bed! After a little sleep I awoke to be reminded of our fab night by seeing lots of Facebook live videos~this has brought me to the swift conclusion that not only can I not sing, I really shouldn’t broadcast it and inflict it on the rest on the rest of the world either.

It’s safe to say I’ll clearly never learn and as my headache is finally starting to ease and the reality of having to be a grown up is sinking in~I am trying to summons the energy to leave my bed and get sorted, this holiday packing sadly won’t do itself.

Whipped cream vodka you’ve been replaced by lucozade and coffee these two never let me down.

On that note as the kettle is calling me~I hope you all have a peaceful,happy Saturday.❤️x


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