Day Fifteen ❤️

I think day fifteen of 40 days of happiness has to be that our trip to Italy has finally arrived!!

I’m not a huge fan of flying and I’ll be honest there was tears on the plane but they were tears of happiness~having got seated and trying to keep a lid on my nerves, my lovely boyfriend put some music on and the first song was my very favourite, very romantic song that I love and that made me cry~call me soppy I don’t mind I’m so happy and I don’t care who knows it!

The flight was as good as it could be for a person not overly keen on planes and after a little turbulence we had soon landed in sunny Italy.

It was warm and sunny as soon as we stepped off of the plane and after a little negotiation at the information desk we were on our way to the hotel.

Now off course it wouldn’t be right if it was all plain sailing so after a super long bus ride which took us right into Venice before doubling back on itself to finally get us to our hotel we arrived pretty shattered.

The hotel is lovely though and we’ve been out and had a lovely meal with good wine and my absolute favourite~tiramisu which I would of taken a picture of if I had paused for breath long enough to do so!!

I can’t wait to go and explore Venice tomorrow~from what we’ve seen so far it’s a beautiful place, happy days.❤️x



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