Venice 2017

I’m not quite sure where to start if I’m honest, I’ve never been to Italy before and I was totally blown away by the whole experience.

It was such a peaceful, beautiful country and I would definetly love to go again.

We walked for miles and saw some breathtaking scenery, everywhere we looked there was so much to see.

From the beautiful buildings to the lovely clear waters that surrounded us, gondolas, boats, bridges to cross and lots of different sights to see.

I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise when I say that one of my favourite places we visited was a small coffee bar which smelt amazing before we even stepped in the door. Along the back wall was a long row of different coffee beans which you could buy and have ground. There was a huge coffee grinder and coffee beans sacks hanging up too. The coffee was fantastic too, we really could of spent all day in there.

The hotel we stayed in was really nice, we stayed just outside of Venice but it was easy to get to, once we had negotiated the bus service! The food was great~I am particularly jealous of the pancake maker they had and would most definetly love to have brought it home!

Speaking of food~we had some wonderful food whilst out and about, the pizza and ice cream where particularly good~although everywhere we went it all looked so good.

The time went so quick but we managed to see and do a lot of things, which included laughing and smiling the whole time! The best thing about the whole trip was who I went with, he really is such amazing company and I couldn’t of wished for more.

On the plane home I came across some of my old blog posts that I had drafted and it made me smile seeing how our personal journey is progressing from our very first date to this day now.

If time is really all we’ve got spend it wisely~choose love, be with who you want to be with, love and live well. Always keep your loved ones close, friends and family they mean so much. Go out and have fun with no regrets. Dream big and be happy.

On that soppy note I shall leave you with more photos!

Much love to you all.❤️x


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