Too much…

So today we allegedly had an extra hour in bed, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that despite that hour I was awake at 5am following yet another restless night~so the hour was no benefit at all!

All I have managed to do is single handedly annoy everyone.               This is turn has made me feel like a rubbish Mum, it’s been one of those days when it feels like there’s been too much shouting, too much arguing and not enough kind words.

I took myself off to Tesco to buy dinner and almost had another meltdown in the chocolate aisle because they had no wispas~I mean how awful is that?! Obviously  I recovered quickly and had a  kitkat instead which had to do!

I’ve come home to cook dinner and wrestle yet again with my sons curtain rail which is point blank refusing to stay in place.

Still what else can I do other than take a deep breath, tell everyone I love them and hope that tomorrow is a better day.❤️x


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