Day Seventeen❤️

img_5609Day seventeen of 40 days of happiness~Is quite simply the feeling of that ‘crazy little thing called love’
Venice was amazing, we have walked lots, eaten lots, drank lots, seen lots, laughed and smiled lots and I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather of been on this adventure with.❤️x



Day Sixteen❤️

Day Sixteen of 40daysofhappiness

Exploring Venice~we have walked for miles and seen some breathtaking scenery. An absolutely beautiful place to visit.

There was so much to see and do, the sun has shone the whole day and I’ve smiled the whole day too.

Feel so lucky to be here.❤️x


Day Fifteen ❤️

I think day fifteen of 40 days of happiness has to be that our trip to Italy has finally arrived!!

I’m not a huge fan of flying and I’ll be honest there was tears on the plane but they were tears of happiness~having got seated and trying to keep a lid on my nerves, my lovely boyfriend put some music on and the first song was my very favourite, very romantic song that I love and that made me cry~call me soppy I don’t mind I’m so happy and I don’t care who knows it!

The flight was as good as it could be for a person not overly keen on planes and after a little turbulence we had soon landed in sunny Italy.

It was warm and sunny as soon as we stepped off of the plane and after a little negotiation at the information desk we were on our way to the hotel.

Now off course it wouldn’t be right if it was all plain sailing so after a super long bus ride which took us right into Venice before doubling back on itself to finally get us to our hotel we arrived pretty shattered.

The hotel is lovely though and we’ve been out and had a lovely meal with good wine and my absolute favourite~tiramisu which I would of taken a picture of if I had paused for breath long enough to do so!!

I can’t wait to go and explore Venice tomorrow~from what we’ve seen so far it’s a beautiful place, happy days.❤️x


Last night 

Last night was great, lots of food and drink (far too much it would now seem!) singing,dancing,games and wonderful company.

Everything was great and happy, how quickly things changed when fresh air and a taxi rocked up and brought me swiftly back to reality.

I came home with a spinning head and a need for my bed! After a little sleep I awoke to be reminded of our fab night by seeing lots of Facebook live videos~this has brought me to the swift conclusion that not only can I not sing, I really shouldn’t broadcast it and inflict it on the rest on the rest of the world either.

It’s safe to say I’ll clearly never learn and as my headache is finally starting to ease and the reality of having to be a grown up is sinking in~I am trying to summons the energy to leave my bed and get sorted, this holiday packing sadly won’t do itself.

Whipped cream vodka you’ve been replaced by lucozade and coffee these two never let me down.

On that note as the kettle is calling me~I hope you all have a peaceful,happy Saturday.❤️x

Sleepless night 

For reasons best known to itself my brain decided that being awake at 4am was a marvellous idea and that 3.5hrs sleep was all I needed.

Let me tell you I couldn’t disagree any more if I tried!

I have no words to describe how tired I am~coffee as ever is going to be on tap and flowing as much as humanly possible throughout the day.

I’ve tried laying in bed patiently attempting to switch off, I’ve watched eastenders and worked out my finances for the whole of November all whilst coming to the conclusion that sleep just isn’t for me. ( one look at my crazy bed hair and bags under my eyes and you may think otherwise too!).

The howling wind outside didn’t really help,that and my ability to overthink each and everything that happens in my life certainly have proved to be a winning combination.

It’s now 5.45am and if one thing is for sure it’s going to be a very long day.

On the plus side it’s Friday well not just Friday it’s chocolate Friday and I have a girls night to look forward to tonight~a good catch up with my fantastic friends is just what I need, that and copious amounts of alcohol~what more could a girl ask for?! Apart from 8hours of interrupted sleep, chocolate that doesn’t make you fat and make up that hides the fact I’ve been awake most of the night! Sadly those things don’t seem to be readily available to me at this moment in time so I’ll settle for what I’ve got.

Happy Friday everyone.❤️x

Day Eleven❤️

Day Eleven of 40 days of happiness~thinking about getting some packing done for Venice.

It’s quite clear that I am the unorganised one in this relationship and whilst my lovely fella is practically ready to go I’m still pondering on what to take, how many pairs of shoes is too many for two days and how on earth will I fit it all in?! I’m smiling though because I cannot wait.❤️x