Feeling good

Happy #humpday everyone. It’s Wednesday which means weigh in time. I don’t weigh until 5.30pm so it always seems like a long day waiting to get the dreaded deed done! After staying the same last week I was so pleased to have lost 2.5lbs this week. Of course as soon as I stood on the scales and saw the result,I did what I always do and tried to remember what I weighed last week! I knew it was a loss but couldn’t work it out so I was very pleased to have it confirmed.

In total I’ve lost 6lbs in 3 weeks, I’ve set myself the target of aiming to lose 1 stone before Christmas so I’m happy to say I’m nearly half way there.

Now to keep up with the hard work and stick to plan. I’ve found just making a few small changes is really helping to make such a big difference.

So far I’m finding it relatively easy to negotiate and am enjoying trying out new recipes and foods. I am keeping in mind the promise of a new dress when I lose this first stone.I’m also enjoying the feeling of my clothes starting to feel better and just starting to feel a little better about myself too.

All in all it’s all good on this crazy journey.❤️x




We are family.

As ever the weekend seems to have gone by in an absolute flash. It’s been busy for sure. I’m finally finishing a few bits and pieces before I think about jumping into bed to watch tv.

Having just sat down and written two birthday cards one for my Nan who is 96yrs old today and one for my niece who will be 21yrs tomorrow.

I’m not sure I can quite believe that either of them are that age it just seems crazy.

My Nan keeps very well and active and I love catching up with her and chatting to her~something I feel I could do for hours. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were playing badminton in her back garden,collecting petals to make perfume or having afternoon tea in her summer house. I can remember going into town with her and coming home on the bus having been shopping, when we walked she would find things for me to spot to spur on my tired legs I loved playing that game. If I went there early we would have breakfast together and it would be the nicest honey on toast I think I’ve ever had. Just thinking about these things makes me smile. When I visit her I often wonder what she must think seeing her children,grandchildren and indeed great~grandchildren all growing up so fast right in front of her very eyes.

Then there’s my beautiful niece about to turn 21yrs with a wonderful,exciting future ahead of her. I remember the day she was born and buying a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ car seat for her! I was 19yrs when she was born and my goodness those 21yrs have disappeared so fast. I remember looking after her,changing her nappy and playing lots of fun games. When I moved away she would come and have sleepovers and we would go to the beach and collect pebbles and shells to make things with. I also remember us always making play dough which I would let her take home (my sister loved that hehe). We used to dance around the flat singing with the hoover (something’s will never change!)

Wonderful memories to sit and look back on and lots more happy times to come too.

Even though we are only an hour away sometimes it feels like a million miles. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow,there’s nothing like a good catch up with loved ones.

Heres hoping that you have had a good weekend. Much love. ❤️x


Im not ashamed to admit that I have the biggest grin on my face right now. My lovely boyfriend is back from being away, and although we only had a brief catch up I’m super happy he’s home. I can stop behaving like a love struck teenager or maybe I won’t!

My girl and I just been catching up with I’m a celebrity and it brought a tear to my eye, (nothing new there I know!) still these things can make you appreciate those around you, my wonderful parents are coming to stay tomorrow to help me out with childcare and as ever I’m very grateful that they always do so much for us all.

After an exhausting day due to another rubbish sleep last night I’m hopeful as ever that tonight will be better~I actually live in hope that one day I will go to bed and sleep for a solid amount of time anything longer than 4hours would be preferable~I might even be able to lose the bags that have taken up permanent residence under my eyes~saying that I’m so used to seeing them I probably wouldn’t recognise myself without them!

On a positive note it’s Friday tomorrow and we all love a Friday don’t we?!



As Wednesdays go it’s not been a bad one really. Weigh in wasn’t too bad~I’ve stayed the same so am happy with that but I feel that I do need to concentrate a little harder and track what I’m eating a bit more consistently.

In an usual twist of events I find myself in bed at 9.30pm which is unheard of but I’m so tired I decided to bite the bullet and get into bed, I’m hoping that means I’ll get some sleep and not be awake too early.

I’ve attempted some online shopping for a dress for our works Christmas do~ hopefully that’s enough of an incentive to keep me going on my mission of losing 1stone before Christmas. I’m yet to find anything suitable but that will have to wait until I’m a bit more awake (if that’s ever possible!)

Here’s hoping your #humpday has been a good one.❤️x


It’s been a quiet eve tonight, the kids have been to see their Dad and there’s no date night as my boyfriend is away.

Of course whilst the kids were out I had planned to do several things including tidying up and yet more washing~so rock and roll! What actually happened was I plonked my backside on the sofa watched first dates and decided I was far too comfy to do anything else.

By the time they arrived home I felt ready for bed, I mentioned to my daughter that I was tired and going to have a bath once they were in bed, next thing I know she’s upstairs running said bath for me before getting herself ready for bed. We may argue and disagree on a daily basis which seems to be the general theme for living with a teenage girl but she loves me really! Bless my kind hearted girl.❤️x



For the last 7 days I took part in a black and white photograph challenge. I love photos they are fantastic memories.

The photos had to be of your own everyday life, no people included.

Here are my photos~each one has a meaning to me. ❤️x


This one was taken whilst out having a walk along the seafront with the kids. Something we all enjoy doing, and a definite advantage of living near the sea. The fact it has my name on it is clearly an added advantage and made the kids laugh when they saw it, when ever we do that walk we look for it.It’s no secret that I’m always running late and am rarely on time! This was sent to me by my very good friend and quite frankly I feel that it sums me up perfectly! A cheeky Costa with a special young lady~we had been out and about shopping and couldn’t resist stopping for coffee and hot chocolate.Our suitcases ready for our fab trip to Venice back in October~just looking at this pic makes me smile, an amazing place to visit with amazing company.We went here in the summer for afternoon tea to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was so nice, the food was beautiful and it was a wonderful setting too.Flowers that I was given to cheer me up, when the sick bug have entered our house and I was feeling pretty rubbish.This is actually a coaster on my coffee table, but I love the words, and I think they are important words to remember and live by.


6 Months….

Throw back to when we first met.

I was very late and couldn’t find my shoes (they later turned up in the garden of course!)

6 months has gone by in absolute flash~no wonder they say time flies when your having fun.

Of course there hasn’t been a dull moment~not one it’s been crazy from the start but that’s how we like it. All I can say is here’s to the next 6 months and many,many more to come.❤️x

21st May 2017

Sometimes I surprise myself and am reasonably organised and on the ball. Other times(this morning) I find myself waking up in bed fully dressed.

I am talking jeans, cardigan the whole lot. Now before you start to wonder~I did in fact go to bed completely sober. I was however so tired that when I got in I laid on the bed just for a moment, this obviously was enough for me to nod straight off and at some point I’m guessing I must of put the duvet over myself and decided it was bedtime.

It appeared to be one of those days yesterday, I had arranged to be very grown up and meet someone (yes it was a man!) for coffee.

I had a busy morning doing lots of revision with the maths ladies and was reasonably ready to go.

Of course at the last minute I wasn’t sure about my outfit so I got changed and then settled for what I was originally wearing in the first place! I knew we were meeting along the seafront so I would have to wear flats an option which I had resigned myself to.

Just as I was about to leave the house bearing in mind I was already 15 minutes late, I couldn’t find my shoes, I looked in all the usual places and they were nowhere to be seen.

I put on another pair and off I went.

For reasons best known to myself I went a completely long winded way and as I was driving there I thought to myself’ after 17yrs of living here surely navigating myself to the seafront should be a simple task!’

Eventually I arrive half an hour late and apologise profusely explaining my loss of shoes and probably making myself sound crackers!

Anyway we went for a lovely walk along the seafront and had a coffee and a nice chat.

That’s definitely something I have found on my online dating journey I find myself connecting with some really lovely people and that has to be a positive thing.

Sadly online dating can sometimes reveal people who aren’t looking for the same thing as you,it can also be damn right crazy and random,that just goes to show that as with all things in life sometimes you have to look a little further.

Keep your head held high ignore the messages that are just plain rude and only connect with likeminded people. There are some nice people out there.

Now let me bring you back to the problem of my missing shoes.

I came home and went out into the garden as I turned around to go back indoors there sat staring me right in the face were quite clearly my shoes! How and why they had been left out remains a mystery, safe to say it was just another crazy day.❤️x

Sunday Night Blues

There’s nothing like getting home from a lovely weekend and finding everything all calm and peaceful.

I mean literally nothing like it at all, having walked through the door full of snot and cold, the first thing I am greeted with is a letter with a strict telling off informing me that I had missed my daughters dentist appointment last week~oops! I had an inkling one of them had one due but had forgotten to phone and check.

Next up the toilet decided at the most inopportune moment that it would be blocked~cue me with my hands down it manually unblocking it~marvellous.

We follow this with the arrival of the kids coming home~in strolls one stroppy teenage (my boy was happy though thankfully!)

Having decided that a nice bath before bedtime was a good idea for all of us I proceed to start running one for my youngest~ever the multi~tasker I came downstairs to get the uniforms to iron and on my return to the bathroom realise we have no hot water. My son wasn’t bothered but my teenage daughter was practically hyperventilating because she simply must wash her hair right now!! Thank goodness for the immersion heater then.

Whilst relative calm now reigns in our crazy house~all I can think is that it’s Monday already tomorrow~oh the joys of Sunday night! ❤️x

It’s all about me!

Having just completed a post all about me and my little blog it got me thinking about how much has changed since I first started.

Firstly I started Crazy little thing called love as a single lady, which of course is what catapulted it into existence, now I’m in a wonderful relationship and happier than I thought possible.

My blog is growing it’s own following across several social media platforms and I love sharing my life with everyone.

I have found lots of wonderful blogs to follow and read that are not only inspiring and interesting to read,but supportive too~from weight loss to parenting and just general life stuff.

A few things that haven’t changed and let’s face it probably never will~

Coffee and my love of it, I drink far too much but couldn’t imagine a day without it!

I’m always late and unorganised no matter how much I try.

My kids drive me crackers sometimes but they are my world and they make my life just awesome.

My day to day life is often crazy and chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way, this journey may be unpredictable but with the love and support of all my loved ones around me I know I won’t go too far wrong.

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone.❤️x

Saturday Surprise.

It’s been a busy day here today, I had a lovely morning out with a special little lady organising a birthday surprise for her special daddy, I can’t say too much as I know he reads my blog, not just reads it but also helps me and even gave my page a fab makeover so big shout out to him.

Obviously no girls morning would be complete without a trip to Costa so we stopped there on our way home for coffee and hot chocolate.

After a healthy lunch (I’m sticking to plan and determined to have another good loss this week), I popped out to see my fab friend for a chat, giggles and more coffee. After putting the world to rights and having some philosophical conversation, it was back home to get cracking with some blogging and organisation of posts.

I’ve now got my feet up, ready to start some online Christmas shopping~that sounds scarily organised for me~watch this space!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x