Day Twenty~Six ❤️

F4A484AC-0F7A-41FD-8861-EDCAAFFE184B.pngDay Twenty~Six of 40 days of happiness~a fantastic night out at to see ‘The Band’.

Laughter really is the best medicine especially when you laugh so much that you cry~surely those tears are some of the best ones.

The show was fantastic~a beautiful storyline following a lovely friendship, it was funny and touching and of course the music was fab too who can resist a bit of Take That?!

We laughed,cried( well I did!) sang and danced, all this aswell as fab company.

It was a great little road trip. Watching the show just goes to show how important friendships are and I’m lucky to have great friends to share so memories with.

One particular memory we shared last night was remembering being in a restaurant awaiting a birthday cake to be brought out for our lovely friend we all burst into a beautiful chorus of happy birthday including the waiters who then proceeded to sing the wrong name at the top of their voices!!  They were mortified at their mistake  where  as we laughed so much, it’s a moment we wont forget and another memory to add so many more we already share. Good~Times.❤️x

Photo credit~Matt Crockett



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