Here I go! 

It’s that time of year again, summer is well and truly over. My summer diet never took off and now Christmas is looming and I really want to crack on and start losing some pounds~on the scales not from my purse!

Therefore I am starting Slimming world tonight. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the reality of seeing the numbers on the scales, that part I am definitely dreading , obviously I don’t need a weather man to tell me it’s raining but facing facts is never easy! 

I’m trying to tackle this in a positive way and whilst I’m fairly sure I won’t like what I’m going to see, if I stick to plan I know that next week I will see different numbers and that is how it starts. I have set myself a goal of losing a stone before Christmas and you’ll be able to follow my journey here.

So wish me luck,if I manage to complete my challenge of losing a stone before Christmas then I’ve been promised a new dress, which is a fab incentive.

Happy Hump Day~please hide the cherry bakewells from me!!! ❤️x


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