Bed~Time Blues 

It’s no secret that sleep and I are not on very good terms~in fact it’s quite a turbulent relationship and it’s safe to say that bedtime is often not my favourite time of day!

Whilst I often document the fact that I’ve had very little sleep I don’t usually talk about why.

Generally it’s because I can’t get to sleep or after a few hours I wake up and can’t get back to sleep.

However there are times when it’s because of bad dreams and also night terrors, at the grand age of 40yrs old you would of thought I might of outgrown such  things but no I often wake up shouting, screaming,in a panic either out of bed or in some random position under the duvet!

Last night was no exception and I was terrified when I opened my eyes and thought I could see someone standing by my window.

We all know I drink far too much coffee, and as I have embarked on a new weight loss journey I’m also going to try and cut down on caffeine in the evenings.

Tonight being the first night,I’ve had my last coffee at 7pm, I feel it’s a routine I need to get into and give it a go. It won’t be easy but then managing on very little sleep isn’t easy either so let’s see.

If anyone has any top tips for a restful sleep I would love to hear them.❤️x


2 thoughts on “Bed~Time Blues 

  1. Hi Natalie, I’m a terrible sleeper too. I rarely have trouble nodding off, but once I wake up I’m awake, not because of night terrors, but because I’m a light sleeper with a brain that won’t switch off in the morning (don’t speak to me after 4pm though, my brain is asleep!). Reducing your coffee intake has to help, so good luck with that and your weight loss. Hopefully, soon you will be sleeping like a baby.

    Thank you for linking up with the#MMBC.


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