Back on track

It would appear normal service has resumed in the crazy household, when I say normal I mean that my teenage daughter is feeling better which is great but that also means the attitude and eye rolling is back in full swing!

I am feeling her pain though and I too feel pretty grumpy.

I feel like I’ve suffering from the worst hangover from a party I didn’t attend with no alcohol involved! I’ve had no coffee for three days and barely eaten a thing either, tomorrow’s weigh in should be interesting!

To top it all off I’ve got yet more washing to wade through, I am really hoping that the bug has now left our household, I am quite sure my washing machine and tumble drier would be grateful of the rest too.

My local shop must of appreciated my business though as I’ve been through a lifetimes supply of bleach and disinfectant, not to mention calpol and nurofen too, those items appear to be the only things we have in the house at the moment.

I must dash the washing machine is calling me, and after that I have a date with the sofa and first dates to catch up on, because I missed it last night as I was so damn tired.

Happy Tuesday everyone~here’s hoping your all keeping well and warm on this chilly morning. ❤️x<



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