Saturday Surprise.

It’s been a busy day here today, I had a lovely morning out with a special little lady organising a birthday surprise for her special daddy, I can’t say too much as I know he reads my blog, not just reads it but also helps me and even gave my page a fab makeover so big shout out to him.

Obviously no girls morning would be complete without a trip to Costa so we stopped there on our way home for coffee and hot chocolate.

After a healthy lunch (I’m sticking to plan and determined to have another good loss this week), I popped out to see my fab friend for a chat, giggles and more coffee. After putting the world to rights and having some philosophical conversation, it was back home to get cracking with some blogging and organisation of posts.

I’ve now got my feet up, ready to start some online Christmas shopping~that sounds scarily organised for me~watch this space!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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