Sunday Night Blues

There’s nothing like getting home from a lovely weekend and finding everything all calm and peaceful.

I mean literally nothing like it at all, having walked through the door full of snot and cold, the first thing I am greeted with is a letter with a strict telling off informing me that I had missed my daughters dentist appointment last week~oops! I had an inkling one of them had one due but had forgotten to phone and check.

Next up the toilet decided at the most inopportune moment that it would be blocked~cue me with my hands down it manually unblocking it~marvellous.

We follow this with the arrival of the kids coming home~in strolls one stroppy teenage (my boy was happy though thankfully!)

Having decided that a nice bath before bedtime was a good idea for all of us I proceed to start running one for my youngest~ever the multi~tasker I came downstairs to get the uniforms to iron and on my return to the bathroom realise we have no hot water. My son wasn’t bothered but my teenage daughter was practically hyperventilating because she simply must wash her hair right now!! Thank goodness for the immersion heater then.

Whilst relative calm now reigns in our crazy house~all I can think is that it’s Monday already tomorrow~oh the joys of Sunday night! ❤️x


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