6 Months….

Throw back to when we first met.

I was very late and couldn’t find my shoes (they later turned up in the garden of course!)

6 months has gone by in absolute flash~no wonder they say time flies when your having fun.

Of course there hasn’t been a dull moment~not one it’s been crazy from the start but that’s how we like it. All I can say is here’s to the next 6 months and many,many more to come.❤️x

21st May 2017

Sometimes I surprise myself and am reasonably organised and on the ball. Other times(this morning) I find myself waking up in bed fully dressed.

I am talking jeans, cardigan the whole lot. Now before you start to wonder~I did in fact go to bed completely sober. I was however so tired that when I got in I laid on the bed just for a moment, this obviously was enough for me to nod straight off and at some point I’m guessing I must of put the duvet over myself and decided it was bedtime.

It appeared to be one of those days yesterday, I had arranged to be very grown up and meet someone (yes it was a man!) for coffee.

I had a busy morning doing lots of revision with the maths ladies and was reasonably ready to go.

Of course at the last minute I wasn’t sure about my outfit so I got changed and then settled for what I was originally wearing in the first place! I knew we were meeting along the seafront so I would have to wear flats an option which I had resigned myself to.

Just as I was about to leave the house bearing in mind I was already 15 minutes late, I couldn’t find my shoes, I looked in all the usual places and they were nowhere to be seen.

I put on another pair and off I went.

For reasons best known to myself I went a completely long winded way and as I was driving there I thought to myself’ after 17yrs of living here surely navigating myself to the seafront should be a simple task!’

Eventually I arrive half an hour late and apologise profusely explaining my loss of shoes and probably making myself sound crackers!

Anyway we went for a lovely walk along the seafront and had a coffee and a nice chat.

That’s definitely something I have found on my online dating journey I find myself connecting with some really lovely people and that has to be a positive thing.

Sadly online dating can sometimes reveal people who aren’t looking for the same thing as you,it can also be damn right crazy and random,that just goes to show that as with all things in life sometimes you have to look a little further.

Keep your head held high ignore the messages that are just plain rude and only connect with likeminded people. There are some nice people out there.

Now let me bring you back to the problem of my missing shoes.

I came home and went out into the garden as I turned around to go back indoors there sat staring me right in the face were quite clearly my shoes! How and why they had been left out remains a mystery, safe to say it was just another crazy day.❤️x


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