For the last 7 days I took part in a black and white photograph challenge. I love photos they are fantastic memories.

The photos had to be of your own everyday life, no people included.

Here are my photos~each one has a meaning to me. ❤️x


This one was taken whilst out having a walk along the seafront with the kids. Something we all enjoy doing, and a definite advantage of living near the sea. The fact it has my name on it is clearly an added advantage and made the kids laugh when they saw it, when ever we do that walk we look for it.It’s no secret that I’m always running late and am rarely on time! This was sent to me by my very good friend and quite frankly I feel that it sums me up perfectly! A cheeky Costa with a special young lady~we had been out and about shopping and couldn’t resist stopping for coffee and hot chocolate.Our suitcases ready for our fab trip to Venice back in October~just looking at this pic makes me smile, an amazing place to visit with amazing company.We went here in the summer for afternoon tea to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was so nice, the food was beautiful and it was a wonderful setting too.Flowers that I was given to cheer me up, when the sick bug have entered our house and I was feeling pretty rubbish.This is actually a coaster on my coffee table, but I love the words, and I think they are important words to remember and live by.



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