Im not ashamed to admit that I have the biggest grin on my face right now. My lovely boyfriend is back from being away, and although we only had a brief catch up I’m super happy he’s home. I can stop behaving like a love struck teenager or maybe I won’t!

My girl and I just been catching up with I’m a celebrity and it brought a tear to my eye, (nothing new there I know!) still these things can make you appreciate those around you, my wonderful parents are coming to stay tomorrow to help me out with childcare and as ever I’m very grateful that they always do so much for us all.

After an exhausting day due to another rubbish sleep last night I’m hopeful as ever that tonight will be better~I actually live in hope that one day I will go to bed and sleep for a solid amount of time anything longer than 4hours would be preferable~I might even be able to lose the bags that have taken up permanent residence under my eyes~saying that I’m so used to seeing them I probably wouldn’t recognise myself without them!

On a positive note it’s Friday tomorrow and we all love a Friday don’t we?!



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