We are family.

As ever the weekend seems to have gone by in an absolute flash. It’s been busy for sure. I’m finally finishing a few bits and pieces before I think about jumping into bed to watch tv.

Having just sat down and written two birthday cards one for my Nan who is 96yrs old today and one for my niece who will be 21yrs tomorrow.

I’m not sure I can quite believe that either of them are that age it just seems crazy.

My Nan keeps very well and active and I love catching up with her and chatting to her~something I feel I could do for hours. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were playing badminton in her back garden,collecting petals to make perfume or having afternoon tea in her summer house. I can remember going into town with her and coming home on the bus having been shopping, when we walked she would find things for me to spot to spur on my tired legs I loved playing that game. If I went there early we would have breakfast together and it would be the nicest honey on toast I think I’ve ever had. Just thinking about these things makes me smile. When I visit her I often wonder what she must think seeing her children,grandchildren and indeed great~grandchildren all growing up so fast right in front of her very eyes.

Then there’s my beautiful niece about to turn 21yrs with a wonderful,exciting future ahead of her. I remember the day she was born and buying a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ car seat for her! I was 19yrs when she was born and my goodness those 21yrs have disappeared so fast. I remember looking after her,changing her nappy and playing lots of fun games. When I moved away she would come and have sleepovers and we would go to the beach and collect pebbles and shells to make things with. I also remember us always making play dough which I would let her take home (my sister loved that hehe). We used to dance around the flat singing with the hoover (something’s will never change!)

Wonderful memories to sit and look back on and lots more happy times to come too.

Even though we are only an hour away sometimes it feels like a million miles. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow,there’s nothing like a good catch up with loved ones.

Heres hoping that you have had a good weekend. Much love. ❤️x


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