Feeling good

Happy #humpday everyone. It’s Wednesday which means weigh in time. I don’t weigh until 5.30pm so it always seems like a long day waiting to get the dreaded deed done! After staying the same last week I was so pleased to have lost 2.5lbs this week. Of course as soon as I stood on the scales and saw the result,I did what I always do and tried to remember what I weighed last week! I knew it was a loss but couldn’t work it out so I was very pleased to have it confirmed.

In total I’ve lost 6lbs in 3 weeks, I’ve set myself the target of aiming to lose 1 stone before Christmas so I’m happy to say I’m nearly half way there.

Now to keep up with the hard work and stick to plan. I’ve found just making a few small changes is really helping to make such a big difference.

So far I’m finding it relatively easy to negotiate and am enjoying trying out new recipes and foods. I am keeping in mind the promise of a new dress when I lose this first stone.I’m also enjoying the feeling of my clothes starting to feel better and just starting to feel a little better about myself too.

All in all it’s all good on this crazy journey.❤️x




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