Somehow its that time of year again and all of sudden Christmas is beginning to sneak up on us.

This year I’ve taken part in the #sdfiverchallenge with sports direct and britmums.

Sports direct have a great range of Christmas gifts at amazing prices many of which are £5 and under Perfect for stocking fillers and little gifts for all ages.

I was really pleased when I went online and saw all the things to choose from,the character toys particularly caught my eye as ideal gifts for small people in my life.

I chose a Cars bath puzzle~I love this it will be great fun and will add a new dimension to bathtime fun, the pieces will stick to the tiles allowing the puzzle to be made whilst getting clean at the same time!

Next up was the ever popular Anna dress from frozen~fabulous for any frozen fan, it’s a beautiful colour and will bring add hours of fun to dressing up fun and games.

Speaking of games I also found splatter face~who can resist the anticipation of taking your turn and then waiting to see if you’ll get a wet sponge in the face or will be the next player?!

Online sports direct has a full catalogue of Christmas goodies for all ages~within a great price range.

So don’t let the time run away with you, make this Christmas an organised one and head on over to sports direct, I’m sure that you too will be pleasantly surprised.

This post is an entry for BritMums Christmas #sdfiverchallenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com. https://www.sportsdirect.com


Day Forty ❤️


Day Forty of 40 days of happiness~well as ever there’s been several moments I could of chosen including my lovely friend texting me and asking if I would like some breakfast brought into work today to help me with my diet,and my boy helping me this morning when I was in a rush by taking the rubbish bins out and carrying my bags out to the car for me.

Over the last 40 days there has been highs and lows, laughter and tears, stressful times and good times, throughout all of this I wanted to highlight that during every day there is something happy no matter how big or small.

As ever I am thankful for everyone in my crazy life, they love me, support me and in turn bring lots of happiness to me. I am a lucky girl,turning 40 is definitely all good. Much love.❤️x


Back on track

It would appear normal service has resumed in the crazy household, when I say normal I mean that my teenage daughter is feeling better which is great but that also means the attitude and eye rolling is back in full swing!

I am feeling her pain though and I too feel pretty grumpy.

I feel like I’ve suffering from the worst hangover from a party I didn’t attend with no alcohol involved! I’ve had no coffee for three days and barely eaten a thing either, tomorrow’s weigh in should be interesting!

To top it all off I’ve got yet more washing to wade through, I am really hoping that the bug has now left our household, I am quite sure my washing machine and tumble drier would be grateful of the rest too.

My local shop must of appreciated my business though as I’ve been through a lifetimes supply of bleach and disinfectant, not to mention calpol and nurofen too, those items appear to be the only things we have in the house at the moment.

I must dash the washing machine is calling me, and after that I have a date with the sofa and first dates to catch up on, because I missed it last night as I was so damn tired.

Happy Tuesday everyone~here’s hoping your all keeping well and warm on this chilly morning. ❤️x<


The bumpy road of life 

I think about time quite a lot, it’s a part of every day life, it comes and goes in a flash with each and every day. The hours and minutes disappear quite literally before our eyes.

It’s a funny thing time~you can’t keep it and you can’t stop it from moving, but you can capture it and create memories with it. 

Photographs are a great memory of time, they never age although of course we do, looking back at them transports us right back to a place and time in our life’s that we will never be able to visit physically but just by looking at them we can feel the moment in our hearts and minds.

Time seems to be the answer to a lot of questions/scenarios how often do we say give it time? Or that it’ll get better when time passes?

How long is too long and how much is not enough time?

There are no answers to those questions and we all know that ultimately one day there will be no more time to say what we want to say or do what we want to do.

I like to think that I make the most of time, although I’m always rushing and trying to squeeze too much in, when really Sometimes I should be slowing down and taking the less is more approach.

I had lots of time last night when once again I couldn’t sleep, I lay wide awake just thinking about this and that. Thinking is all well and good but it has to be acted upon.

Aswell as restarting my weight loss journey I have concluded that things need to change in my life on the whole, cutting down on caffeine and getting more exercise aswell as being more productive with my time.

Spending quality time with the kids and making the most of it whilst we are together, initiating small changes which will make a big difference.

It’s all positive and that’s how I like to view life~I like to try and keep a smile on my face and give as much love and kindness as I can.

Here’s to a new journey along the bumpy road of life.

Happy Saturday everyone and much love to you all.❤️x