There are two things that are inevitable at the moment.

One is that Christmas is on its way and the second is that I’m unorganised.

Now I know that’s no surprise to anyone but even by my standards I feel particularly behind with Christmas preparations.

On Friday (1st December) I received my first Christmas card~I’ve not even brought any let alone written them! The kids were just as surprised and my daughter said and I quote ‘I thought we usually got cards on Christmas day’ hmm not that’s just because your mothers a nightmare!

I remember as a child when we got our advent calendars 24 days seemed like an absolute eternity to wait for the big day~these days those 24 days are approaching a little too quickly for my bank balances liking.

Despite the panic and the worry, I know it will all be sorted in time and I will promise myself that next year I’ll be better prepared etc etc, somehow I doubt the latter but still a girl can dream.❤️x


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