As I get dare I say it (older!) I find birthdays are far more exciting when they are some one else’s!!

I would quite happily stay aged 21yrs for a few more years thank you very much!

This week we have two special birthdays coming up, today being the first one and it’s my lovely boyfriends turn. Of course I was totally organised and didn’t stay up half the night trying to locate the presents I had hidden carefully and once found them wrapping them up,oh I lie that obviously happened, let’s face it though no one would expect anything less by now.

It was a lovely day, we managed to meet up for lunch and then had a fab after school get together for tea and birthday cake.

My wonderful parents babysat so we could also have the evening together too.

I really ought to be asleep by now but as ever I’m wide awake so decided to finish this post before attempting a few hours shut eye in the vain attempt of losing the rather fetching bags that I’m currently sporting underneath my eyes!

On that note I wish you all a good nights sleep at least in the morning it will be Friday~wahoo.❤️x


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