What a whirlwind weekend it’s shaping up to be.

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday a special little girl in our lives was 7yrs, we had a lovely day bowling and playing games followed by Pizza Hut and pug cakes! (Believe me when I say I’m trying hard to stick my diet!).

Today my big girl has gone off shopping with her friend on the train for the first time ever eek!!!

Obviously I know she’ll be fine, she’s responsible and sensible etc etc and yes you know that’s the mantra that is going over and over in my head and I’m quite sure will be until she’s home having spent all of her money(and mine!)telling me what a fab time she’s had.

How quick does the time fly?! It seems like only yesterday she herself was 7yrs old and now look! Time sneaks up without you realising.

Everything is sneaking up super fast now~my boy was asking how many days left at school, he then proceeded to inform me~as he does every day how close we are getting to Christmas~thanks son I don’t need reminding I need a win on the lottery and someone to come and organise my life hehe.

On that note I have confetti to hoover up because balloons filled with the stuff seemed like such a good idea until I dropped half of it on the carpet, uniforms to iron and the list goes on.

I guess I should start by getting out of the bath!

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


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