Do you know that feeling when you’ve had plenty of time to get ready for a night out,a night out you’ve been looking forward to for ages? The feeling you get when everything as gone to plan and your ready on time,relaxed and ready to go?

Me neither~I can’t remember the last time that happened. Last night was our works Christmas night out and my preparation went something like this~ my morning started ridiculously early 4am to be precise, when I awoke coughing and streaming with cold. Not quite the start to the day I was hoping for.

Fast forward a few hours and I had picked the kids up from school, feeling tired and pretty rubbish, I jumped in the bath to try and warm up. After spending too long in said bath, I had to rush to get ready, obviously at this point nothing was going right my hair had a mind of its own and no amount of make up was going to disguise my red, sore Rudolph nose!

After refereeing several arguments between the kids (which I’m sure the neighbours loved hearing!) I dropped them off almost an hour later than intended. On my way back home I decided black tights weren’t what I wanted to wear so it was an impromptu visit to Tesco to buy some nude ones, never have I navigated a supermarket so quick and in heels I might add.

I quickly changed tights and shoes and left the house muttering to myself about not liking my outfit or quite frankly anything about myself, Having dosed myself up with cold relief tablets I was just about good to go.

Fortunately when I got there the atmosphere was great and everyone was jolly. After a lovely dinner we were soon up and dancing~pretty much taking over the dance floor.I have to say we totally owned the phrase ‘dance like nobody is watching’ we danced and sang pretty much non stop, stopping only to remove my very high heels and then my tights, and for the occasional drink of water.

I was pretty impressed that I made it until 11.30pm especially after such an early start. I was soon back and drinking the coffee that was ready and waiting for me, I was less than impressed with the cramp that made an appearance when I went to bed I must be getting too old for all this partying hehe.

As I didn’t drink I was hangover free this morning and had a quick trip to town, my poor legs didn’t really like the walk up and down ten flights of stairs in order to get a parking space but I’m looking on the bright side~that’s lots of exercise I’ve had.

Fortunately now my backside is firmly on the sofa and hopefully will continue to stay put. Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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