Love Always

I know I often talk about looking on the bright side and concentrating on the positives, I know I often talk about the kids. Something I don’t often talk about it is the fact that I have to share the kids time with their Dad. Don’t get me wrong sometimes when they’re driving me nuts one or two nights of peace is very well received! However there will always be times when ‘sharing’ them is harder.

Christmas time happens to be one of those times. Today has been a wonderful day catching up with my parents and brothers and sister. It felt really festive and nice to all be together under one roof for a change. As ever it was difficult to orchestrate everyone being there and sadly my two couldn’t be there with us.We alternate Christmas each year,this year they will be with their Dad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until approx 4pm. I can’t tell you how much it saddens me not to see their faces on Christmas morning. I can guarantee that on Christmas Eve I’ll wave them off with a big smile truly wanting them to have a fabulous time but as soon as that door shuts the tears will start.

I try my very best to think positively about it all~I know they will have an amazing time and then they get to come home and do it all over again.

I know I am truly blessed to have them and everyone else whom I love so very much in my life to share such good times with.

A conversation today reminded me again that life is far too short and we should all strive to be happy and spread happiness around us.

Christmas certainly makes us think about family and loved ones.

Today as I sat there amongst my loved ones I felt a whole lot of love in that one room.

Our own Christmas may be planned a little differently but hey different is good and I know that when we are altogether celebrating there will be a whole lot of love to go around and no matter what time of year it is that will never change.

No matter where we go or what we do the love that binds us will always be there.❤️x


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