Christmas Eve

Well it’s been a lovely but long old day today.

It started at 6am, when after grabbing coffee and waiting for both the kids to be awake we had stockings because they have gone off to be with their Dad until tomo eve.

We then had our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast~pancakes of course! Complete with crackers and party hats.

After watching ‘The Polar Express’ it was time for them to head off and for me to take a trip to Surrey stopping off enroute to see my big brother.

Next stop was Mum and Dads followed by a visit to see Nan.

The journey home seemed to be never ending but at last I was home for a quick shower and a tidy up.

Finally I got to see my lovely boyfriend who had dinner ready (a very yummy curry) and the wine open wahoo a girl couldn’t ask for more.

So now that my backside is firmly planted on the sofa and I have wine in my hand the countdown has begun until my two are home to celebrate Christmas with us 23.5hrs to be precise!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone may you have a merry one.❤️x


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