Christmas 2017 🎄

As ever I’m typing this when I should be getting some sleep.

I should be in bed but I’m on the sofa watching the Christmas tree lights twinkle and glow.

Everywhere I look there’s presents and the odd sweet wrapper. It’s quiet,so quiet everyone’s gone home and the kids are sleeping.

It’s been a lovely few days~there’s been tears,laughter,food,drink and obviously presents but the very best thing which there has been lots of is love.

After a quick tidy up earlier I thought that’s it we did it and we did it together. We’ve celebrated and made new memories.

It’s been crazy at times and loud but why shouldn’t it be, as long as we are altogether that’s all that matters.

Family times are the best even if we are squashed in, scrabbling for chairs and a space at the table. Tired, over excited and stuffed with too many sweets.

So cheers to you all~here’s hoping you’ve had a fabulously, jolly Christmas.❤️x


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