Life’s little journeys

Here’s to life’s journeys big and small. Wherever the adventures may take us and lead us all.

May you be happy and healthy and wise, fill your days with love and pride.

Make those memories and face those fears. Remembering always to wipe your tears. Some will be happy some will be sad but never forget it’s not all bad.

Live a life that is happy and true, and if some day your feeling blue just look and see how everyone is looking out for you.

So spread the love and laugh often,be happy, be brave, be kind.

Above that all be YOU.

Enjoy this crazy ride we call life, enjoy the view it’s beautiful.❤️x



What a whirlwind weekend it’s shaping up to be.

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday a special little girl in our lives was 7yrs, we had a lovely day bowling and playing games followed by Pizza Hut and pug cakes! (Believe me when I say I’m trying hard to stick my diet!).

Today my big girl has gone off shopping with her friend on the train for the first time ever eek!!!

Obviously I know she’ll be fine, she’s responsible and sensible etc etc and yes you know that’s the mantra that is going over and over in my head and I’m quite sure will be until she’s home having spent all of her money(and mine!)telling me what a fab time she’s had.

How quick does the time fly?! It seems like only yesterday she herself was 7yrs old and now look! Time sneaks up without you realising.

Everything is sneaking up super fast now~my boy was asking how many days left at school, he then proceeded to inform me~as he does every day how close we are getting to Christmas~thanks son I don’t need reminding I need a win on the lottery and someone to come and organise my life hehe.

On that note I have confetti to hoover up because balloons filled with the stuff seemed like such a good idea until I dropped half of it on the carpet, uniforms to iron and the list goes on.

I guess I should start by getting out of the bath!

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


As I get dare I say it (older!) I find birthdays are far more exciting when they are some one else’s!!

I would quite happily stay aged 21yrs for a few more years thank you very much!

This week we have two special birthdays coming up, today being the first one and it’s my lovely boyfriends turn. Of course I was totally organised and didn’t stay up half the night trying to locate the presents I had hidden carefully and once found them wrapping them up,oh I lie that obviously happened, let’s face it though no one would expect anything less by now.

It was a lovely day, we managed to meet up for lunch and then had a fab after school get together for tea and birthday cake.

My wonderful parents babysat so we could also have the evening together too.

I really ought to be asleep by now but as ever I’m wide awake so decided to finish this post before attempting a few hours shut eye in the vain attempt of losing the rather fetching bags that I’m currently sporting underneath my eyes!

On that note I wish you all a good nights sleep at least in the morning it will be Friday~wahoo.❤️x

Win~Win Wednesday

It’s Wednesday also known as hump day. However today I shall name it win~win Wednesday!

This morning I was able to wear some jeans which haven’t fitted me for a while and then I had a small loss at slimming world. Only half a pound off but considering I’ve not stuck fully to plan this week I’m more than happy with that, after all it all adds up and as I always say it’s better off than on!

It’s been a better day in general thankfully, yesterday I felt a bit naff and couldn’t shake off the grumps. I did however get some beautiful flowers from my lovely boyfriend and that did make me smile.

Tonight though there was another classic in the crazy household

I was rushing around (just for a change!) and the oven decided it wasn’t going to heat up and cook anything in a hurry. All I wanted was a pizza done for the kids, not too much to ask I didn’t think.

Anyway I decided to put said pizza in the top oven to see if that would be better, a few minutes later I was questioning the strange smell coming from the oven when I realised that I hadn’t turned the oven on I had put the grill on aargh !!

The once very pale pizza was now cooked with very burnt edges, the kids obviously took pity on their stressed Mummy and assured me it was fine and actually they prefer it like that!! Bless them.

Happy #humpday everyone.❤️x


There are two things that are inevitable at the moment.

One is that Christmas is on its way and the second is that I’m unorganised.

Now I know that’s no surprise to anyone but even by my standards I feel particularly behind with Christmas preparations.

On Friday (1st December) I received my first Christmas card~I’ve not even brought any let alone written them! The kids were just as surprised and my daughter said and I quote ‘I thought we usually got cards on Christmas day’ hmm not that’s just because your mothers a nightmare!

I remember as a child when we got our advent calendars 24 days seemed like an absolute eternity to wait for the big day~these days those 24 days are approaching a little too quickly for my bank balances liking.

Despite the panic and the worry, I know it will all be sorted in time and I will promise myself that next year I’ll be better prepared etc etc, somehow I doubt the latter but still a girl can dream.❤️x

Sunday night blues

As ever the weekend has absolutely flown by.

I was up and out very early on Saturday morning as I had to go to a speed awareness course. True to form I couldn’t find the place and went in via the golf course entrance and almost( and I stress the almost part here!)had to run. Whilst on the phone the huge unmissable hotel somehow appeared before my very eyes and thankfully I wasn’t late. I did however feel like I was about 5yrs old when I had to walk into a room where I didn’t know anyone and had the dreaded task of finding a seat at one of the tables he he.

Once that was over it was time for a quick change and then to hop on the train to take my lovely other half out for a surprise birthday treat.

As we left we couldn’t quite believe we were child free for 24hrs~with 4 lovely kiddiwinks between us getting time alone is no mean feat.

We had a fab time at the spinnaker tower and of course enjoyed a wander around Gunwharf Quays where they had such beautiful lights and decorations.

We came home and had a nice dinner and some wine which went down very well especially as I had stuck to my month of not drinking any alcohol. I must be good and stick carefully to my slimming plan again to make up for it!

The rest of the eve was very relaxing enjoying the peace and quiet, we caught up on first dates(always my favourite).

Today has been good fun, playing quiz games and organising Christmas and birthday presents too.

All too soon though it’s time to get ready for another busy week~ironing and packed lunches here I come, I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Still on a positive note I am thankful to of had such a lovely time.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x

Fabulous View

As well as Christmas approaching we also have some birthdays coming up too.

Yesterday we took a trip to Portsmouth for our very first visit to Emirates Spinnaker Tower as a surprise for my lovely boyfriends birthday.

It was a cold but clear day and the view was fab. We went to the first level and took in all the scenery particularly the good view of all the boats and ships. The sky was full of beautiful colours. I had a little peek at the glass floor but wasn’t quite enough to give it a try~although lots of others did!

Next stop was the Clouds bar were we simply had to sit and have coffee and chocolate cake whilst taking in the scenery~we could see for miles and it was great naming the sights that we could see.

Last but by no means least we went up to the sky garden~with its deckchairs and grass it was peaceful and perfect to chill and relax.

Our admission ticket lasted the whole day and allowed us readmission before the tower closed.

As the sun began to set we were lucky enough to see lots of Christmas lights all around us~aswell as seeing all the hustle and bustle of people shopping and the choir singing and dancing. What a lovely day out both festive and good fun for a birthday treat too.

Happy days with more memories made.❤️x