There’s nothing like a little meltdown every now and then is there?!

Especially when your 40yrs old and your teenage daughter has rolled her eyes and flicked her hair in exaggeration once too often for your liking.

Whilst it’s fair to say we often find ourselves at loggerheads over the most trivial of things, this evening I gave her a full run down of what being a parent entails from paying the bills to keep a roof over everyone’s heads, to putting fuel in the car so I can be a taxi service for them on a daily basis.

I can quite clearly remember having these kind of conversations with my parents and then the good old favourite of treating the house like a hotel etc etc, it’s safe to say that I really appreciate my Mum and Dad and all of the things they so willingly do for us all, they would drop anything and be here in an instant if needed but I’m not sure I showed them any of that appreciation all those years ago~sorry Mum and Dad!

So I’ll bear that in mind~and hope that in another 20years time my kids will finally appreciate me hee hee.(a girl can dream!)❤️x<


Feeling Yuk!

Last week seems to have blurred into one pretty much~I found myself swopping my favourite perfume for that rather potent fragrance which is vapour rub, practically gave up coffee for water and was given a valuable reminder of how important it is to do ones pelvic floor exercises regularly as every time I opened my mouth I was coughing and spluttering for England!!

All of those things didn’t make for a great combination, I know I’m not alone and lots of others have been suffering with the awful flu/virus thing that’s doing the rounds.

I’ve spent more time sleeping this week than I’m sure I have put together in the last few months and am certainly looking forward to feeling human again.

Not sure there are really any positive points to come from this apart from losing a few pounds and having a full body dettox~no caffeine and no food! However it just goes to show that having a teenager in the house can have its advantages at times~my girl has cooked dinners, tidied up and been shopping with her brother for me so I definitely cannot complain about that.

Here’s to a healthier and most importantly happier week.❤️x


Friendship is an amazing ship, it can sail far and wide but is never far from your side.

It will navigate waters still and deep, no waves too high to reach.

If you need anything it will be there to show you that it will always care.

Bringing you back to dry land and always lending a helping hand when you need it most, it’ll dry those tears and make you smile, help you forget your troubles for a while.

The memories it creates will last forever more and you can be sure to always have times full of giggles with a smile firmly set on your face.

To all my amazing friends I’m so glad we have embarked on this journey aboard the wonderful thing known far and wide as Friendship.

I love you all.❤️x

Wednesday Woes

As I’m sure your all aware today is Wednesday also known as #humpday it may not be Friday but at least it’s in sight.

Last night we managed to escape without the kids and had a trip to the cinema for ‘date night’. The film was very good and the company was fab.

This morning having dropped the kids off at school I found myself stuck behind a dustbin lorry~not an ideal situation especially when the car was running on fumes quite literally so I didn’t have the fuel, time or patience for a diversion. Thankfully I made it to work all the while watching the fuel gauge get nearer and nearer to non~existent!

This afternoon was the usual rushing around~ kids had the dentist, then a trip to Tesco was needed, followed by cooking a dinner that no one liked including me~marvellous!

Still despite being tired after a second wind I hoovered and mopped the kitchen floor before grabbing a coffee and plonking my backside on the sofa where I would quite happily stay although I fear I could easily fall asleep if I don’t get moving.

So there you have it another Wednesday done and dusted, hoping you’ve all had a good day.❤️x


If there is one thing that is certain it’s that I am not a morning person at all!

I literally cannot function until I’ve had coffee and even after that my ability to get moving isn’t great.

I do however thank my lucky stars that both my two are fab in the mornings and are always up and ready for school with no nagging from me~if there is any nagging to be done it’s usually them asking me to hurry up!

My daughter gets up super early so she can ‘do’ her hair and make sure she’s ready and my sons always been an early riser something I found hard when he was younger particularly when 5.30am was his chosen time.

Now though it’s a blessing, I only have to get myself together and out of the door, so really I should never be rushing but as you will all be aware I always am.

Night~times are much more my thing and over the years I have perfected the art of late nights and early mornings, functioning on coffee and very little sleep are how I have managed so far.

That said this year I said to myself that had to stop~I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier and am not doing too bad at that, but no matter what time I go to bed~mornings will never be my friend~unless I could wake up and have coffee instantly in my hand as soon as my eyes open I don’t think I’ll ever win that one.

I think I just have to face facts that I’ll always be a fly by the seat of my pants, little unorganised, coffee obsessed crazy little thing and actually I’ll go with that~that’s just a few things that make me who I am.

Happy Tuesday everyone~I’m off in search of my next coffee!!! ❤️x<


Sunshine blogger award…

I am very grateful to have been tagged in another blogging award.

Big shout out and thank you to Libby over at Simple Eat www.libbyssimpleeat.wordpress.com for this nomination. Head on over to her page and check out her mouthwatering recipes.

What is the sunshine blogger award? The sunshine blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.

Sunshine blogger award rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2.Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3.Nominate blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4. list the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Questions that were set for me:

1.What helped you decide on your niche for your blog? When I started my blog I was single and fast approaching 40yrs. I decided to blog about my humorous dating experiences. These days I’m no longer single so I blog about love and my crazy life.

2.What is your favourite colour and why? Pink it’s calming aswell as pretty in many differing shades.

3.What is the greatest gift you’ve received this year? As I’m terribly unorganised and was tagged in this post in Dec 2017, my answer comes from 2017~finding Love was an amazing gift and one which I truly cherish.

4.How often do you plan to post on your blog? I’m too unorganised to plan my posts hehe. I prefer to write and post as and when I feel inspired to do so~if it’s not daily I aim for 3-4 times a week.

5.Does your posting schedule go to plan? As I don’t have one maybe I should get myself organised and set one.

6.What is your favourite season? Summer~I love the heat, long summer evenings and the opportunities to be outside be it in the garden or down at the beach. Life always seem good when the sun is shining.

7.What is your favourite food? That’s a hard one to answer but I do love spicy foods.

8. What is your dream travel destination? Anywhere hot and sunny!! If I had to choose one place I would say Barbados.

9.What is your dream job? Writing a book (s) is something I would love to do one day.

10.What are your main goals for 2018? To continue to be happy whilst getting my crazy life a little bit more organised. I know there are many exciting times ahead and I look forward to them with a smile on my face. I will however save them as a surprise for you all!

I nominate:




Questions for my nominees:

1.What made you decide to start blogging?

2. Share one random fact about yourself.

3.How do you decide what to blog about?

4.Are you a morning or night person?

5. Favourite film?

6.Favourite book?

7. Do you like to cook and if so Favourite dishes to make?

8.How often do you post on your blog?

9.If you had to describe your personality as a flower what would you choose and why?

10.Camping, Glamping or no way?

11.Perfect holiday~Winter,Sun or cruise?

Thanks again for my nomination Libby.

Much love to you all.❤️x

Best laid plans

Today started with a bang~quite literally a banging headache! Sadly migraines are no stranger to me and whilst (touch wood) they are reasonably under control they are still an utter pain.

Thankfully it’s pretty much shifted but has left me feeling drained as ever. I have however managed to have a productive afternoon, having completed putting together a new desk for my boy, taking him to the barbers for a much needed hair cut and beginning a good sort out of his room.

The desk which should of been a simple job was pretty tricky but with some determination and the correct tool (finally!) it’s up and hopefully will stay up!

Whilst assembling said desk and having a joke that it would be made one way or another even if it was stuck with glue, it made me think. Looking at all the pieces laid out in front of me with the instructions and fittings etc, in an ideal world it would of gone together quickly and easily and I wouldn’t of put the legs on back to front and indeed upside down ( trust me to manage that!)but we don’t live in an ideal world and sometimes no matter how our best laid plans are set out before us things change and we fix them or alter them and actually they turn out much better than we could ever of hoped for.

One or two things that definitely hold my crazy life together are love and friendship like a strong glue, binding together good times, memories and making the hard times easier.

However let’s not forget coffee too that’s my daily fuel and absolute must have, in fact I class that as a necessity along with the odd cherry bakewell~ although they might have to take a back seat as Creme eggs are back in the shops~wahoo!

Right I must stop thinking about food and get my tired self in to bed.

Happy Thursday everyone.❤️x

Sunday Funday

It’s been a fabulously crazy Sunday here at the crazy household. After a reasonably quiet morning we set off to the beach for some rollerblading and football fun.


It was absolutely freezing but the fresh air was much appreciated and whilst I’m clearly rubbish at football I did enjoy it~not so much the part where I got hit not once but twice by the ball though, by 2 of the lovely males in my life~thanks guys!

After a quick coffee stop we got our rollerblades on when I say ‘we’ I literally mean just us ‘grown ups’ the kids did have scooters though so we weren’t the only ones on wheels and we both managed to stay upright which is always good!

We skated along the seafront back to the car and headed home for a family roast dinner which finished the day off nicely, it’s lovely to have all six of us together even if we did have to make do with a garden chair whilst a dining chair is awaiting repair.

I am now totally worn out as well as bruised (from football) it’s only 8pm and I’m seriously considering getting into bed~well why not, I’m trying to be sensible and get some kind of early nights and maybe even some sleep would be nice.

Hoping you’ve all had a lovely Sunday too.❤️x

Long Week

Ooh it’s been a funny old week, feels like a long one although we’ve only been back to work and School for 2 days!

I’m shattered after a ridiculously late one last night~when will I ever learn?!

I’m not quite sure what’s happened this week but it’s disappeared very quickly and Christmas seems like a distant memory already.

Despite telling myself that I will make better use of my time and not rush around so much~I found myself dashing from work to school to town and home, followed by a quick change and then off swimming, obviously not for me~no way not after consuming far too much food and drink over the Christmas holidays, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to strut around the swimming pool half dressed, no thank you!!

After almost melting at the swimming pool we headed out into the cold air which certainly woke me up, I decided I was on a mission and went food shopping too~I forgot a £1 for the trolley so my daughter and I managed it in two baskets, which let’s face it probably saved me a small fortune as we were limited to what we could carry.

Now we’ve had dinner and I finally sat down~I feel no urge at all to go and wash up but as it’s entirely unlikely that the housework fairy will be putting in an appearance anytime soon it’s looks as though I shall have to drag myself into the kitchen and get it done, then believe it or not I’m heading for bed!

On a positive note~I’ve been very lucky to have been tagged in two blogging awards and when I can get myself fully organised and back in the swing of things I will be posting them~watch this space.

So I would like to wish you all a very happy new year~I hope your Friday night is more exciting than mine and my date with a sink full of dishes and washing up liquid! ❤️x