Sunday Funday

It’s been a fabulously crazy Sunday here at the crazy household. After a reasonably quiet morning we set off to the beach for some rollerblading and football fun.


It was absolutely freezing but the fresh air was much appreciated and whilst I’m clearly rubbish at football I did enjoy it~not so much the part where I got hit not once but twice by the ball though, by 2 of the lovely males in my life~thanks guys!

After a quick coffee stop we got our rollerblades on when I say ‘we’ I literally mean just us ‘grown ups’ the kids did have scooters though so we weren’t the only ones on wheels and we both managed to stay upright which is always good!

We skated along the seafront back to the car and headed home for a family roast dinner which finished the day off nicely, it’s lovely to have all six of us together even if we did have to make do with a garden chair whilst a dining chair is awaiting repair.

I am now totally worn out as well as bruised (from football) it’s only 8pm and I’m seriously considering getting into bed~well why not, I’m trying to be sensible and get some kind of early nights and maybe even some sleep would be nice.

Hoping you’ve all had a lovely Sunday too.❤️x


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