Best laid plans

Today started with a bang~quite literally a banging headache! Sadly migraines are no stranger to me and whilst (touch wood) they are reasonably under control they are still an utter pain.

Thankfully it’s pretty much shifted but has left me feeling drained as ever. I have however managed to have a productive afternoon, having completed putting together a new desk for my boy, taking him to the barbers for a much needed hair cut and beginning a good sort out of his room.

The desk which should of been a simple job was pretty tricky but with some determination and the correct tool (finally!) it’s up and hopefully will stay up!

Whilst assembling said desk and having a joke that it would be made one way or another even if it was stuck with glue, it made me think. Looking at all the pieces laid out in front of me with the instructions and fittings etc, in an ideal world it would of gone together quickly and easily and I wouldn’t of put the legs on back to front and indeed upside down ( trust me to manage that!)but we don’t live in an ideal world and sometimes no matter how our best laid plans are set out before us things change and we fix them or alter them and actually they turn out much better than we could ever of hoped for.

One or two things that definitely hold my crazy life together are love and friendship like a strong glue, binding together good times, memories and making the hard times easier.

However let’s not forget coffee too that’s my daily fuel and absolute must have, in fact I class that as a necessity along with the odd cherry bakewell~ although they might have to take a back seat as Creme eggs are back in the shops~wahoo!

Right I must stop thinking about food and get my tired self in to bed.

Happy Thursday everyone.❤️x


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