Feeling Yuk!

Last week seems to have blurred into one pretty much~I found myself swopping my favourite perfume for that rather potent fragrance which is vapour rub, practically gave up coffee for water and was given a valuable reminder of how important it is to do ones pelvic floor exercises regularly as every time I opened my mouth I was coughing and spluttering for England!!

All of those things didn’t make for a great combination, I know I’m not alone and lots of others have been suffering with the awful flu/virus thing that’s doing the rounds.

I’ve spent more time sleeping this week than I’m sure I have put together in the last few months and am certainly looking forward to feeling human again.

Not sure there are really any positive points to come from this apart from losing a few pounds and having a full body dettox~no caffeine and no food! However it just goes to show that having a teenager in the house can have its advantages at times~my girl has cooked dinners, tidied up and been shopping with her brother for me so I definitely cannot complain about that.

Here’s to a healthier and most importantly happier week.❤️x


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