There’s nothing like a little meltdown every now and then is there?!

Especially when your 40yrs old and your teenage daughter has rolled her eyes and flicked her hair in exaggeration once too often for your liking.

Whilst it’s fair to say we often find ourselves at loggerheads over the most trivial of things, this evening I gave her a full run down of what being a parent entails from paying the bills to keep a roof over everyone’s heads, to putting fuel in the car so I can be a taxi service for them on a daily basis.

I can quite clearly remember having these kind of conversations with my parents and then the good old favourite of treating the house like a hotel etc etc, it’s safe to say that I really appreciate my Mum and Dad and all of the things they so willingly do for us all, they would drop anything and be here in an instant if needed but I’m not sure I showed them any of that appreciation all those years ago~sorry Mum and Dad!

So I’ll bear that in mind~and hope that in another 20years time my kids will finally appreciate me hee hee.(a girl can dream!)❤️x<


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