Crazy little thing does GoApe

We have been very lucky to have a fabulous family afternoon at GoApe at the beautiful Tilgate Park in Crawley.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, Nanny and Grandad came along to spectate and generally give advice from the ground below with their feet firmly planted on it!

We received a warm welcome and after reading through some safety instructions we were given wrist bands and off we went to get our safety harnesses on.

This part complete we were given instructions of how to use the equipment safely and shown how to move around whilst safely attached at all times.

We lined up and off we went, the children are 3yrs,7yrs,11yrs and 13yrs they confidently got started, lots of smiles all round having been very excited for this day to arrive.

It’s fair to say I’m not keen on heights at all but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, I did ask several times if there was any other way of getting down and also what would happen if I fell off! I was reassured that I would be fine as I was completely harnessed and clipped onto the equipment at all times.

Whilst the kids zoomed around the course I took a more leisurely pace stopping to call down to Mum and Dad a few times and to also try to adjust my jumper(to cover my backside) as I was very aware of my lovely boyfriend behind me wearing the go pro hee hee.

The course was fab and at the end the zip wire proved to be a big hit all round even with me, I loved it and although I probably had the most ungraceful landing it was definitely one of my favourite parts.

The scenery was beautiful, being up in the trees in the sunshine together as a family was great, everyone working together and encouraging one and another long as we went round.

I was so proud of each and everyone of them as I took a moment to watch them, climbing, stretching and swinging through the great outdoors with massive smiles on their faces. Who could ask for more.

We love to get out and about and this really was a memory making afternoon.

So on behalf of myself and all of us here at ‘crazy little thing called love’

thank you so much for having us, we can’t wait to do it again.

Last but by no means least I must also give a big shout out to the instructor who came up and helped me finish the last bit of the course, and to all the other fab instructors at GoApe Tilgate. ❤️x

Sleepless Wonder

This sleep business or indeed lack of really isn’t much fun. Just lately it’s lured me into a false sense of security I’ve been happily going to bed earlier and pretty much having some good nights sleep.

However last night had different ideas for me and I awoke after probably only an hours sleep having had one of the most frightening night terrors I’ve had in a very long time.

I was screaming (goodness knows what the neighbours must think!) and had thrown the pillows and duvet all over the place. I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while because my heart was racing it really was horrible. Tonight I’m finding it hard to nod off, so I decided to do one of my favourite things and write. I find it calming and it also clears my head.

I’m hoping that having done that and after a few pages of my book, tonight will be better.

Wishing you all sweet dreams.❤️x

Half~Term Happiness

So today’s been a fairly rubbish day all in all with yet more problems with the car I’m sure I’ve jinxed the poor thing! However I have decided not to dwell on that and the things I can’t change right now so I’m sharing something happy about our lovely half~term because that was full of smiles and happy things.

Half term where have you gone, Half term it’s been much fun.

There’s been laughter, there’s been tears (from me anyway!) I even had a go at conquering one of my fears.

We’ve been football playing, roller~skating, making play dough as well as baking.

Not to forget high up in the trees this really made me go weak at the knees!

The cinema was so good we had to go and visit twice~that was really nice.

Above all else it’s been togetherness that has made me smile it’s been lovely to have extra time together for a while.

So now it’s Sunday and so it seems that early nights are needed and plenty of sweet dreams, to get set for the week ahead.

I know I certainly need my bed!❤️X




Ultimate Spy Bag

Who can resist this fantastic ultimate spy bag from project Mc 2, from the popular series on Netflix.

The spy bag comes complete with lots of exciting gadgets including the very cool and very popular finger print kit!

Let’s not forget the magnifying glass, secret message launcher and of course the decoder ring to name but a few of the wonderful items.

You can also download the Project Mc 2 app to increase the fun and test out your skills.

With all this and a lovely spy bag to keep it all in, young minds can keep busy inspecting clues and testing evidence all the while extending science and investigation skills.

All in all this wonderful set contains all you need to bring being a spy to life just like your favourite characters.

*The ultimate spy bag was sent to us to review, all opinions are my own.*

VR Glasses Review

Half~Term is well and truly upon us and we have been busy dodging the very wet and cold weather we have been typically having.

We have been lucky enough to recieve a Trust GXT 720 VR Headset from Maplin to enjoy.

Both the children and myself have had lots of fun with this, it’s easy to use and we have found various apps to download and play.

The picture quality is very clear and we found ourselves transported and fully absorbed in a range of activities. The headset is fully adjustable making it easily accessible for various ages.

Our personal favourite has to be the roller coaster ride~you felt that you were actually riding it and we even got Nanny and Grandad involved, both gave it a big thumbs up!

The VR glasses get our vote for all round fun and entertainment.❤️x

*this product was sent to us to review, all views are my own*

Busy, Busy

What a busy few days it’s been. I quite literally haven’t stopped but all in a good way.

After my busy day with 6 small people and lots of pancakes on Tuesday it was lovely to be taken out for a surprise dinner, I was slightly stressed about my outfit and after trying on multiple different outfits I left the house in a rush leaving clothes strewn everywhere in my wake!

My lovely boyfriend took me to Avisford Park Hilton for Valentine’s Day for a wonderful meal,which I thoroughly enjoyed. The food was amazing as was the company too. I also had some beautiful roses and a very humorous card which made me smile and laugh a lot.

Yesterday I went to the cinema with the kids and we watched The Greatest Showman which absolutely blew me away, what a fantastically moving film,which really showcased how love can conquer all, needless to say it brought tears to my eyes and several escaped down my cheek!

We loved it so much my girl and I are hoping to watch it again tomorrow eve.

Last night we had a nice meal at home and had a lovely chilled valentines eve. I was up early this morning and we’ve been along the seafront with Nanny,Grandad, all four kids, roller skates and scooters~ I’m not sure who was more worn out at the end of the morning!

It was back home for some much needed coffee and of course one or two biscuits (the diet will have to wait yet again). We have been busy getting excited about our next crazy adventure~a trip to goapeat Tilgate Park tomorrow, the weather looks set to be sunny and dry so it should be good fun.

I’ve grabbed five minutes to sit and catch up with my blog whilst it’s surprising quiet here in the crazy household. I’m not sure how long that will last but I’ll be sure to make the most of it.❤️x

Crazy little thing called love ❤️ 

Sharing this today for Valentine’s Day and everyday.❤️X

Crazy little thing called love ❤️

This one is for some one who has come into my life and turned it upside down in a crazy but good kind of way.

Happiness is here again Happiness my old friend.

You’ve been hiding for a while but you’ve come back to make me smile.

Sometimes laughter seems far away but you can always cheer my day.

You turned up in an expected way but I’m happy that your here to stay.

On this journey we call life there’s ups and downs and wrongs and rights.

If we can smile through the tears and look beyond those fears,I’m sure that we can rise above.

I guess that’s why it’s known as that crazy little thing called love.


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Pancake Day

It’s day two of half term in the crazy household and I am seriously out numbered today~currently with 4 small people and only one of me, and two more set to arrive soon, now if my maths is correct I make that 6 of them and just little old me!!

However I do have reinforcements Coffee being the usual suspect(that goes without saying!)

Also joining me are~flour,eggs and milk aswell as copious amounts of sugary items that will probably send said small people high as kites and quite possibly me over the edge!

That’s right~today may well be lots of things including manic but it’s also Pancake Day and I love pancakes, we certainly don’t wait for this day to have them and I quite often make them for breakfast.

I feel that I shall be spending a vast amount of time in the kitchen making various types of pancakes and washing up, still I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Pancake Day everyone may it be flipping good fun for you all.❤️x

(Sorry just couldn’t resist that one!)

Colourful Sunday

We have been painting today, and theres no prizes for guessing who knelt down into the paint and managed to turn her jeans into an attractive shade of violet!! After a soak in the sink and a wash with stain remover I’m hoping that they’ll be fine once dry.

Now the walls are dry it’s clear we did a good job and despite also decorating the carpet slightly it’s certainly looking nice.

After a big roast dinner followed by me eating far too many chocolate cookies it’s time for some relaxation before a very busy week commences~also known as half~term.

I’m looking forward to being off however there’s certainly no rest for the wicked because despite there being no work or school tomorrow we still have an early start as my girl goes on her very first Duke of Edinburgh hike at 8.45am and yours truly has to drop her off and collect her afterwards!

Still there’s lots of things to look forward to including a trip to the cinema, go ape and of course a surprise for date night on Tuesday.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x