There’s much excitement in the crazy household as I’ve been told that Tuesday night is date night and we are off out but I don’t know where!

I’ve spent this afternoon trying to find an outfit and in doing so rediscovered my hatred of changing rooms~urgh as soon as you get undressed your faced with your body from all angles whether you like it or not and quite frankly I do not!!

I then had that delightful feeling of trying on a dress and not being able to reach the zip to undo it, the kids had gone off to another shop and I seriously debated phoning my daughter to come and rescue me, fortunately I somehow managed to reach the offending zip and remove the dress.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for but never mind it was worth a try, I think I’ll continue my search online, at least then I don’t have changing room mirrors to contend with.

Happy Friday everyone, I for one am very happy that it’s the weekend~now where’s the wine?! Hope your all having a good one.❤️x


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