Colourful Sunday

We have been painting today, and theres no prizes for guessing who knelt down into the paint and managed to turn her jeans into an attractive shade of violet!! After a soak in the sink and a wash with stain remover I’m hoping that they’ll be fine once dry.

Now the walls are dry it’s clear we did a good job and despite also decorating the carpet slightly it’s certainly looking nice.

After a big roast dinner followed by me eating far too many chocolate cookies it’s time for some relaxation before a very busy week commences~also known as half~term.

I’m looking forward to being off however there’s certainly no rest for the wicked because despite there being no work or school tomorrow we still have an early start as my girl goes on her very first Duke of Edinburgh hike at 8.45am and yours truly has to drop her off and collect her afterwards!

Still there’s lots of things to look forward to including a trip to the cinema, go ape and of course a surprise for date night on Tuesday.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


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