Pancake Day

It’s day two of half term in the crazy household and I am seriously out numbered today~currently with 4 small people and only one of me, and two more set to arrive soon, now if my maths is correct I make that 6 of them and just little old me!!

However I do have reinforcements Coffee being the usual suspect(that goes without saying!)

Also joining me are~flour,eggs and milk aswell as copious amounts of sugary items that will probably send said small people high as kites and quite possibly me over the edge!

That’s right~today may well be lots of things including manic but it’s also Pancake Day and I love pancakes, we certainly don’t wait for this day to have them and I quite often make them for breakfast.

I feel that I shall be spending a vast amount of time in the kitchen making various types of pancakes and washing up, still I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Pancake Day everyone may it be flipping good fun for you all.❤️x

(Sorry just couldn’t resist that one!)


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