Love and hate

On Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast in a hotel and on the table they had marmite, not just any marmite it was in my favourite shape~a love heart.

We all know the saying you either love it or hate it. Well on my walk home from work today I was thinking just about general stuff and things that I’ve done or that have happened in my life. Decisions that I made good or bad. Choices I’ve made and paths I have taken.

These become memories some of which I love and some I do indeed hate.

However that’s the amazing thing about life~ the things we do lead us to the places we find ourselves at in different times of our life’s.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but when you look back at certain times which seemed bad then~would you really change them? Those times shape you and make you who you are. Although we cannot go back in time we can learn from these things and use that knowledge to move forwards.

Life is a learning curve, every day we are presented with new twists and turns to negotiate, it’s full of what ifs and maybes.

Life is what you make of it ,follow your heart, look forwards and smile.

Forgive others and apologise when you need to. Love well and with all of your heart.

Happy #humpday ❤️x


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