So far today is going something like this~writing and then accidentally deleting a guest post all about the story of my blog so far.

Deciding that in my ongoing effort to organise at least one part of my life~getting the single bed frame out of the garage unaided whilst avoiding possible mice would be easy (it wasn’t!)

Having a meltdown outside Greggs because my boy decided that the ‘chicken bake’ he wanted to try somehow contained cheese (it didn’t) and nearly losing the plot because he didn’t believe me.

Almost crying when I realised that my girl had made me a coffee which I promptly forgot to drink, cold coffee is no laughing matter in this house especially when your nearly out of milk!

That pretty much sums up my Saturday, except I should add that we did manage a nice walk along the seafront, it was cold and the attitude from my lovely teenage daughter was certainly making its presence felt but it was definitely needed and certainly blew the cobwebs away.( the walk, not her attitude!)

All in all it’s been a good day besides the melt down but let’s face it I think we are all entitled to those and don’t they just go hand in hand with family life sometimes.❤️x


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