Crazy little thing called love ❤️

This is for my Mum, the one who once thought the cous~cous was brown sugar and proceeded to sprinkle it on to her porridge!! That is something that always make me giggle.



She has the strength of many but carries it silently, she’s the quiet one in a busy and sometimes loud family.

She will protect her love ones fiercely at all times.

She will do anything at a moments notice~whip up a shepherds pie (always will be my favourite!)

Or produce some jam tarts without blinking an eye.

Whatever you need she’s either got it to hand or will get it/do it for you.

The love she has always so willingly shared with us through the years (and I’m willing to bet those teenage years where damn tough!!)

She now shares equally with her grandchildren and the pride and love she feels for them shines brightly from…

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