Late Night

Last night I couldn’t sleep~my night went something like this~

*Wrote my shopping list and planned all next weeks meals.

*Looked at holidays.

*Checked the bank approximately 3 times in case some extra money magically appeared in between such times (sadly it didn’t!)

*Sold a wardrobe on eBay.

All whilst pretending that the kids school uniform didn’t need ironing and basically hoping that any wrinkles would disappear by morning.

Finally at 12.15am I decided I really should at least get into bed, I decided to catch up on ‘call the midwife’, fell asleep part way through and woke up feeling like I was in a sauna because I forgot to turn the heating down.

Needless to say I’m tired and feeling slightly grumpy. Despite it being my day off I’ve got a list as long as my arm to make my way through.

Fortunately my lovely Mum sent us home with some cakes yesterday, well I say us~technically they were meant to be for the kids lunch boxes but I’ve decided to ‘liberate’a few and shall have them with my countless cups of coffee later.

Happy Monday everyone.❤️x


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